What We Do

We produce our own 360 video stories and teach others how to use new technology for creative experiences.

Homeless in San Francisco

The Wait

The Wait: Recruited to Fight

The Wait: Fleeing War

The Wait: For Family & Opportunity

About Us

We are a small team based in Berkeley, California, committed to innovative and immersive storytelling.

Lakshmi Sarah is a multimedia journalist with a focus on South Asia, identity and the arts. Over the past few years she has worked with newspapers, radio and magazines from Gaborone, Botswana to Los Angeles, California. She has written and produced for Mic, Global Voices, Al Jazeera Online, AJ+, KQED and Fusion. She co-founded Tiny World Productions to focus on immersive video content.

Melissa Bosworth is a multimedia journalist and 360 video producer. In her work as a reporter, features writer, digital producer and videographer she has covered energy, the environment, technology and policy across the Americas and in Europe. She is co-founder of Tiny World Productions.